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Pride Village is a place where vendors can share their organizations with festival-goers. Organizations in our Community Tent are invited to share educational or promotional information about their business or services with attendees, while retail vendors are invited to rent or set up tents next to the big tent where they can sell their merchandise. Please note that the sale of food, beverage, or alcohol is strictly prohibited. 

RETAIL VENDORS (selling items at the event) - 2016 registration has closed

  • Vendor Type I (selling items at the event, supplying own tent): $325
  • Vendor Type II (selling items at event; 10’ x 18’ tent, table, and 2 chairs included): $450 - Registration for this ticket type has closed.

COMMUNITY TENT (tabling) - 2016 registration has closed

  • Table Type I (non-profit with operating budget less than $100,000): $55
  • Table Type II (non-profit with operating budget of more than $100,000): $110
  • Table Type III (for-profit organization; not selling items at the event)$215

*Retail and tabling opportunities are not available at other Pride Week events