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Dyke March

Date:  Saturday, June 3, 2017 - This event has already occurred. Stay tuned for 2018 announcements!
Time:  Line up 4pm, Step/roll off 5pm; Rally in Bidwell Park to follow (approx. 5:30pm)
Location:  March gathers at the corner of Grant Street & Potomac Avenue;
Rally at Bidwell Park & Elmwood Avenue


The Dyke March is hosted by Buffalo Dyke March, in partnership with the Pride Center of WNY. 
Meet and gather at the corner of Potomac and Grant on Saturday, June 3 at 4pm. Step or roll off at 5pm sharp, march south on Grant Street to Lafayette, and then east on Bidwell. Start with us, or join us anywhere along the route, or, meet us at Bidwell Park for the rally. Great line-up of speakers and performers.
Buffalo Dyke March needs your help to diminish access barriers, and make the 2017 march accessible for everyone. Everyone is welcome.
Please email buffalodykemarch@gmail.com with your questions, suggestions, to volunteer, or with your specific access needs. 
Join us on Facebook for organizing meetings and more, click here.


Buffalo Dyke March believes that in response to our community’s and country’s uncertain future, we must build an expansive progressive movement. Our movement must make visible the vulnerabilities that reflect the intersections of racism, sexism, homophobia, class oppression, immigrant oppression, climate denialism, ableism, transphobia, islamophobia, and we must speak up for all victims of bigotry. As we experience a newly emboldened Far Right attack on our LGBTQIA community, we know that the only path to survival and resistance is for oppressed peoples to reach out to one another, to collaborate together, and to publicly express solidarity with each other at every possible turn. In this spirit of collaboration, we ask that those individuals and organizations working on these interconnected issues, join us on Saturday June 3, 2017, to march with us in a sign of solidarity and then attend the rally that immediately follows the march. 
We, the organizers of the Buffalo Dyke March, see the 2017 Dyke March as an opportunity for public solidarity. Over the past two years, we have worked to transform the Dyke March into a more visible and autonomous celebration of local dyke culture. Now, as we face the prospect of losing hard fought for civil rights and freedoms, we believe our work has shifted. More than simply building a single-day celebration, the time has come for us to build substantial relationships with movements and oppressed groups all across the city of Buffalo, to identify cooperative models of inclusive support and build a Dyke March that is a public expression of that support.
We invite you, dykes and allies, to join us in this process, and to help us create a 2017 Dyke March that:
  • Reignites the spirit of loving rage, inclusion, resistance, engagement, and expresses our passion for justice that originally inspired the first Dyke Marches, both in Buffalo and across the country.
  • Does the hard work of making connections across our differences, and acts as a platform to express solidarity across oppressed groups, AND serves as a springboard for ongoing meaningful collaboration.
  • Celebrates the specific history of dyke resistance to oppression, and our unique styles of protest.
  • Acknowledges the ways in which our communities overlap and connects with communities based on race, class, disability, nationality, religion, and many other identities, and to make sure no community is left behind in the fight for social justice.
Want to talk? Have any questions or concerns? Buffalodykemarch@gmail.com


  • Robbie Butler 
  • Sherri Darrow
  • Karin Lowenthal
  • Kathleen McGriff Powers
  • Margaret Smith
  • Felly Connelly
  • Teresa Anderson