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Big Gay Sing

Presented by KeyBank

Date: Wednesday, May 31

Time: 8pm

Location: Evergreen Commons
(67 Prospect Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14201)

Admission: $10 per person


If you’re an undercover diva, you know all too well how hard it can be to blend into the everyday world. How many times have you had the perfect set up to break into song, and had to walk away? How many times have you been asked to stop singing louder than the performers you’re there to see? How many times have you turned “Happy Birthday” into the performance of your life—much to the chagrin of the birthday girl? At the Big Gay Sing, you’ll find your people. People who will not be shushed. People who will belt it out, no matter whose thunder they’re stealing. People who will sing louder and louder until they can be heard through their family’s earplugs! We don’t just love your singing; we ENCOURAGE it! The Big Gay Sing is a time to sing as loud and proud as you can with the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus in a hilarious sing-along event. 


Free parking for the Big Gay Sing is available in the Evergreen Commons (event site) and Evergreen Health Services lots. Evergreen Health Services is located at 206 S. Elmwood Avenue—a safe, short walk (less than two blocks) away from the Big Gay Sing event.